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last weekend peter and i were in NYC for my friend’s wedding and then headed to my parents’ house for the remainder of the weekend. more photos from the wedding to come, but thought i’d share this one of the girls from my school days (minus the bride who was busy taking pics with her groom and family). we took pics in central park, pretty stinkin’ cool!

some small town norman rockwell-esque photos. it’s such a cute little town :-)

my sis and her cute little fam :-)


i’ve been totally slacking on the blogging front so this post serves as my “this is what i’ve been up to” post for the month of may. Lord willing June will be a different story, although it is already june 8 – oops!

in the beginning of the month two of my girls and i drove down to indianapolis and ran the indy mini (13.1 miles). then we hit up bloomington to check out my old stomping grounds at IU. we had so much fun. road trips rock! i really i hope i don’t grow out of them… although i hear kids make you feel differently, hmm…

Indy Mini 2009 005

the next weekend i hopped on a plane to visit my family on the east coast. i met my brand new niece! she is so beautiful!

CT May 2009 002

and of course played with my nephew… this little man is soo fun :-)

CT May 2009 003

and then, i met my parents new dog. she’s a classic small dog that has no idea how small she really is. crazy millie!

CT May 2009 010

the next weekend i was back in chitown and my roommate and i hosted a little b-day party for my friend jamie. i thought it would be fun to make a cake for her so i did some research. i thought it would be more fun to try to do something that kinda showed her personality. praise the Lord, i found a recipe for a “fun” cake and then i found neon food coloring (who knew they made neon food coloring). so i dyed the icing bright neon colors and found some whacky candles that totally matched the icing – crazy! and anyone who knows jamie knows she LOVES candy, and i found out especially nerds. so, i dotted the cake and some cupcakes with nerds. and the pic below is the masterpiece :-)

Jamie's b-day 2009 003

it was sooo much fun making this. but just as much fun to see her reaction:

Jamie's b-day 2009 005

Jamie's b-day 2009 013

may was a good month… looking forward to a wonderful june!

no, i haven’t seen the movie, but i have lived it the past 27 or so years (that is christmas in CT – it’s a movie title if you didn’t know). and this year was another wonderful time! this christmas i was really struck by how blessed we are as a family. we have our differences and our little scuffles here and there, but we truly are blessed with family members, both immediate and distant, who love one another genuinely and like to be with each other. i thank God for such a blessing that unfortunately is so rare these days, and i pray that as the years go by we would only grow in our love for each other as well as likability :-)

here are a few pics from the few days i was htere (moslty of the kids since they are way better looking than the rest of us, and who doesn’t enjoy seeing a two year old open presents?!?!)


matthew climbed right up the stool as momay [mo-may] (aka grandma) was standing on it decorating the tree. he just had to help her. too cute!


riley was more impressed with the stuffed animal than anything that was going on with the tree :-)


again, not too impressed with christmas… i think she might have been a little tired.


matthew loves his trucks!

tomorrow my roommate and i are hosting a pre-Christmas dinner with some of our girls. my mom has blessed me with this incredible Christmas china and this is the first time i’m breaking it out. i am so excited! take a look:





i went back to CT for turkey day and some b-day celebrating with my ADORABLE nephew and family. here are some pics :)


matthew bundled up to see his present from grandma and grandpa


and there he is driving his big wheels! it was so much fun to watch him try to figure out pushing the pedal and turning the wheel… needless to say it took a little time :)


our joint b-day cake, the best thanksgiving dessert ever! ice cream cake – yum!

while i was in CT last weekend i got see new england in autumn for the first time in years! i had to take pics ’cause it is seriously beautiful. my home town is just adorable! my mom and sisters and i went for a walk and i took my camera and here are some of the results:

well i haven’t posted in a while as life been kinda crazy. part of that craziness was due to two weddings last weekend! the weekend began on thursday when i flew to CT to stand in my friend laura’s wedding friday night. this wedding was very special to me for many reasons, but i think the best part about it is that laura and i have been friends since we were four years old. and four of us bridesmaids as well as laura, have all been friends since elementary school. such a rare and incredible gift to have friends for that long. one of things i love most about them is that we are all very different but no matter how much each of us changes, nothing changes in our friendships. in fact, i think we just get closer as we get older. i truly thank the Lord for each of their lives and the blessing of their friendships. i look forward to the next time we all get together :)

this was at the rehearsal the bride and all the maids :)

the beautiful bride getting ready :)

you should have seen those buttons!

here’s four of the five gals that have all been friends since we were little girls :)

laura’s wedding, as i mentioned was on friday and then my cousin, kelleigh, got married on sunday. she and her now husband, chose the brooklyn botanical gardens and it was a beautiful wedding. i wasn’t able to take any photographs, so i “stole” some from the photographer’s blog, roberto falck¬†(check out his blog and web site, he is ridiculously talented!). they are incredible pictures! she looked stunning and he looked very handsom. their wedding was so pretty but so unique. they really put their own touch on it and i felt like i got a glimpse into their life together. it was really cool!

her dress and hair were stunning!

this pic is totally what i mean, i felt like i got to know them so much more.

today was our first day in the alps and it is BEAUTIFUL! i’m not going to bother writing about everything. instead, i’ll let the pics and captions tell about our adventures : )

DAY 0: we hung out in megeve (where we are staying) for a couple hours until we were able to get into the place we are staying all week.

the view from where we are staying in megeve, crazy! that’s mont blanc!

DAY 1: day trip to chamonix – mont blanc. we took the Aiguille du Midi cable car from chamonix up to mont blanc to start a 1.5 – 2 hour hike

the view of the retreating glacier from chamonix village

the view when we got off the cable car, breathtaking!

hiking : )

the view as we approached our lunch destination

grand hotel du montenvers, where we had lunch. this place was incredible and the food was amazing as well!

DAY 2: rock climbing and mom’s b-day : )

that’s me, so fun!

my sister listening to our guide, gabriel, really watching as he barely spoke english! climbing is climbing though and it doesn’t change regardless of the language used : )

celebrating mom’s b-day. isn’t she beautiful!!

DAY 3: we had a pretty chill morning, went for a run and picked up some fresh bread and breakfast fixin’s in megeve village.

in the afternoon we headed to a restaurant where we were taught how to cook some authentic french food. it was a blast! this was the view from the restaurant.

DAY 4: this was the scariest day of my life and i am not exaggerating at all. i went on what i thought was going to be a glacier travel hike (i kinda made that term up) where i was going to use my crampons for the first time and just mosey across a glacier and back. instead, we hiked across the glacier and then climbed up the side of the mountain! i have never experienced anything like this in my life.

that’s me at the beginning of our adventure, still smiling as i had no idea what i was about to do!

that’s me looking at our final destination, where that pointy building is at the top of that jagged rock. i’m totally freaked out at this point, but there is nothing i can do but go up and finish the climb! (although i did contemplate how i could injure myself just enough to need helicopter rescue, but then i thought about all the people that would take and missing the rainier summit and decided not to go that route – just kidding! kinda … )

holding on to the rock for dear life!

almost done : )

and i made it to the end!! praise the Lord! (i’m pretty sure that is mont blanc in the background)

DAY 5: hot air ballooning! this was a blast! and then we hit the market to make dinner tonight, so much fun : )

there were three balloons that went up at the same time this morning and this was one of them being blown up. it was so neat to watch it all happen.

one of the other balloons. if you ever have the chance to do this, i highly recommend you don’t pass it up!

on march 26, little elodie claire came into the world (it took me a while to download the pics-oops!). she is such a precious little girl, who am i kidding, what baby isn’t? her mom and i used to have lunch every thursday so to finally meet this little one was such a privilege. to think that the Lord was knitting her together in her mother’s womb and knew all her days before we even knew she would come to existence. Praise the Lord! what a blessing : )

i got to visit her in the hospital, i felt like the luckiest lady in the world!

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