no, i haven’t seen the movie, but i have lived it the past 27 or so years (that is christmas in CT – it’s a movie title if you didn’t know). and this year was another wonderful time! this christmas i was really struck by how blessed we are as a family. we have our differences and our little scuffles here and there, but we truly are blessed with family members, both immediate and distant, who love one another genuinely and like to be with each other. i thank God for such a blessing that unfortunately is so rare these days, and i pray that as the years go by we would only grow in our love for each other as well as likability :-)

here are a few pics from the few days i was htere (moslty of the kids since they are way better looking than the rest of us, and who doesn’t enjoy seeing a two year old open presents?!?!)


matthew climbed right up the stool as momay [mo-may] (aka grandma) was standing on it decorating the tree. he just had to help her. too cute!


riley was more impressed with the stuffed animal than anything that was going on with the tree :-)


again, not too impressed with christmas… i think she might have been a little tired.


matthew loves his trucks!