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i’ve been totally slacking on the blogging front so this post serves as my “this is what i’ve been up to” post for the month of may. Lord willing June will be a different story, although it is already june 8 – oops!

in the beginning of the month two of my girls and i drove down to indianapolis and ran the indy mini (13.1 miles). then we hit up bloomington to check out my old stomping grounds at IU. we had so much fun. road trips rock! i really i hope i don’t grow out of them… although i hear kids make you feel differently, hmm…

Indy Mini 2009 005

the next weekend i hopped on a plane to visit my family on the east coast. i met my brand new niece! she is so beautiful!

CT May 2009 002

and of course played with my nephew… this little man is soo fun :-)

CT May 2009 003

and then, i met my parents new dog. she’s a classic small dog that has no idea how small she really is. crazy millie!

CT May 2009 010

the next weekend i was back in chitown and my roommate and i hosted a little b-day party for my friend jamie. i thought it would be fun to make a cake for her so i did some research. i thought it would be more fun to try to do something that kinda showed her personality. praise the Lord, i found a recipe for a “fun” cake and then i found neon food coloring (who knew they made neon food coloring). so i dyed the icing bright neon colors and found some whacky candles that totally matched the icing – crazy! and anyone who knows jamie knows she LOVES candy, and i found out especially nerds. so, i dotted the cake and some cupcakes with nerds. and the pic below is the masterpiece :-)

Jamie's b-day 2009 003

it was sooo much fun making this. but just as much fun to see her reaction:

Jamie's b-day 2009 005

Jamie's b-day 2009 013

may was a good month… looking forward to a wonderful june!


funny story, kinda. as you know, if you read this, i attempted to summit mt. rainier and came home a healthy girl. i was debating whether or not to sign-up for a 1/2 marathon slotted for 9/14, to help keep me in shape. so i went for a run saturday morning with the intention of seeing how i felt after six miles. if i felt relatively good, i planned to register, if not, then i would figure out another way to motivate myself.

well, apparently i’m not supposed to run a 1/2 marathon as about half a mile from my house i landed on uneven pavement and sprained my foot/ankle! i was super upset and limped home in a super foul mood. all i could think was, seriously! i just climbed a mountain and came back totally fine, but i can’t run through the streets of chicago?!?! yeah, pretty stinkin’ annoyed. needless to say, i’ve been learning a lot about submission and letting people help you. apparently i’m not very good at asking for help, who knew (insert total sarcasm)?

anyway, i am happy to report that after three days on crutches, it feels better today than it has since saturday and i think by the weekend i’ll be able to walk on it completely. praise the Lord!

on a seperate note, i’m debating what to do with this blog now that the summit is over… not sure if i should keep it going, simply redesign it a bit or just let it go since the summit is over. we’ll see…

went for a run today on this good friday and second day of spring. when i was still at home the weather looked a little unsettling, but really not that bad. so i laced up my shoes, put on my winter running gear and out the door i went. the next 3 miles turned into such a picture of faith…


(is it really the 2nd day of spring?)

i began my run and it really didn’t seem that bad out. as i ran closer to the lake the snow picked up and started pelting me in the eyes. i was definitely the only insane runner out at this time. at points the wind almost blew me over and i even had to run with my hand over my eyes to shield them from the icey snow. the closer i got to the lake the worse it got, especially when there was a gap in high rises and the snow and wind could blow directly off the lake onto the street. it occurred to me as i ran, that this run truly was a metaphor for a life of faith.

we choose to run, with perseverance, the race marked out for us but never does the Lord tell us it will be easy. we know that if we trust in the Lord and lean not on our own understanding, He will make our paths straight. but it doesn’t say He will make our paths easy. He tells us we live by faith not by sight, and as i ran with my hand over my eyes, i couldn’t help but think of blind faith, hoping i wouldn’t run into a pole or something! so much like our faith journey, trusting God to lead us, for what is faith? being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

man, i went for a simple run and was reminded of a simple truth, yet a hard truth to live by.


tonight was our very first training session with our new pt brian. i am soooo excited! i practically took the month of february off from working out (BIG MISTAKE) and so when we met with him last night, it felt so good to be back in the swing of things. check out his website, he really knows what he’s doing and has a great sense of humor. having an entertaining trainer will make this even more fun!


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