funny story, kinda. as you know, if you read this, i attempted to summit mt. rainier and came home a healthy girl. i was debating whether or not to sign-up for a 1/2 marathon slotted for 9/14, to help keep me in shape. so i went for a run saturday morning with the intention of seeing how i felt after six miles. if i felt relatively good, i planned to register, if not, then i would figure out another way to motivate myself.

well, apparently i’m not supposed to run a 1/2 marathon as about half a mile from my house i landed on uneven pavement and sprained my foot/ankle! i was super upset and limped home in a super foul mood. all i could think was, seriously! i just climbed a mountain and came back totally fine, but i can’t run through the streets of chicago?!?! yeah, pretty stinkin’ annoyed. needless to say, i’ve been learning a lot about submission and letting people help you. apparently i’m not very good at asking for help, who knew (insert total sarcasm)?

anyway, i am happy to report that after three days on crutches, it feels better today than it has since saturday and i think by the weekend i’ll be able to walk on it completely. praise the Lord!

on a seperate note, i’m debating what to do with this blog now that the summit is over… not sure if i should keep it going, simply redesign it a bit or just let it go since the summit is over. we’ll see…