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i’ve been totally slacking on the blogging front so this post serves as my “this is what i’ve been up to” post for the month of may. Lord willing June will be a different story, although it is already june 8 – oops!

in the beginning of the month two of my girls and i drove down to indianapolis and ran the indy mini (13.1 miles). then we hit up bloomington to check out my old stomping grounds at IU. we had so much fun. road trips rock! i really i hope i don’t grow out of them… although i hear kids make you feel differently, hmm…

Indy Mini 2009 005

the next weekend i hopped on a plane to visit my family on the east coast. i met my brand new niece! she is so beautiful!

CT May 2009 002

and of course played with my nephew… this little man is soo fun :-)

CT May 2009 003

and then, i met my parents new dog. she’s a classic small dog that has no idea how small she really is. crazy millie!

CT May 2009 010

the next weekend i was back in chitown and my roommate and i hosted a little b-day party for my friend jamie. i thought it would be fun to make a cake for her so i did some research. i thought it would be more fun to try to do something that kinda showed her personality. praise the Lord, i found a recipe for a “fun” cake and then i found neon food coloring (who knew they made neon food coloring). so i dyed the icing bright neon colors and found some whacky candles that totally matched the icing – crazy! and anyone who knows jamie knows she LOVES candy, and i found out especially nerds. so, i dotted the cake and some cupcakes with nerds. and the pic below is the masterpiece :-)

Jamie's b-day 2009 003

it was sooo much fun making this. but just as much fun to see her reaction:

Jamie's b-day 2009 005

Jamie's b-day 2009 013

may was a good month… looking forward to a wonderful june!


i wanted to get a picture, and maybe i still will at some point, of my really stinkin’ sore calves! last night pia and i went to the gym with our 45 lb packs and “hiked” the stairclimber for close to two hours. it really was not fun. and all it did was give us a preview of this saturday, hiking for seven hours with 45 lbs – ugh : (

so in case you can’t tell already, we really need your prayers. neither of us would even consider giving up, but man this is tough stuff. i really don’t think my calves will be back to “normal” until a week after the summit!

thanks for reading my complaints : )

today we were faced with yet another challenge since we live in the flatlands of the midwest. we needed to hike for three hours with 25 lbs. and i had to be at a baby shower at 12:30 p.m. so, it was time to go hiking in the gym.  

the funny thing is, we kinda thought this was normal considering we live in a city and are training to summit a mountain. certainly people have seen this before, where else do urbanites go if there are not any hills in close proximity? but with all the looks we got, apparently this isn’t normal at all. it was actually quite comical and if i could have discreetly taken pictures of people’s “what the heck is that?” looks, i totally would have.

needless to say we did it. hopping back and forth between the stair-climber and inclined treadmills. surprisingly it went by really fast too. i finally gave into wearing shorts as well. i HATE shorts! but alas, it is way too hot in the gym and once chicago actually gets warm, i know it will be way too hot to wear pants while hiking. i’m hoping i can adjust to this shorts thing quickly…

so i can’t believe i am going to admit this, and not because i’m at all embarrassed or ashamed, but because i know that the second this gets out, all my comedic friends are going to have a field day with this…

working out five days a week for extended periods of time can get rather monotonous. so i thought it might be nice to spice it up a bit.

i was looking at the class schedule at my gym and noticed there wasn’t much offered that would sufficiently constitute cross-training, except for one class. the training schedule said two hours of cross-training tonight, hmmm. well, i thought, this class is one hour, that will make the time pass quickly. so i mentioned it to my friend ashley, knowing full well that she would get super geeked up about it. cardio hip-hop. yes, the white girl who wears pearls while climbing rock walls outside, thought it would be fun do try it out. i did take dance classes until i was 16 years old (who cares if that was more than 10 years ago – ouch! i can’t believe i can say that!)

anyway, it was a really fun class. yes, i totally looked like a fish out of water. hip-hop is clearly nothing like the jazz and tap classes i took growing, which i did know going into the class but tried not to think about. none-the-less, it was fun to get out there and try something different. i might even go back next friday! i definitely want to try the modern dance class, i think that’s probably more up my alley.

well, i’m off to let my friends completely roast me on this one…

as i type this i am eating a frozen pizza. the fact that it is an organic vegetarian trader joe’s pizza makes me feel better about not cooking something healthy (and no i am so not a vegetarian, just like the veggies on the pizza) .

anyway, i’m home and eating when according to my training schedule i should be doing 45 minutes of cardio tonight. i have been so tired lately though, i know this is a much needed evening off. i thought training for marathons was hard, but the discipline and strength required for this adventure really makes marathons look like a walk in the park.

recently though, a dear uncle of mine sent me an email and wisely reminded me that He who is in me is greater than any strength i might be building while training.

ephesians 1:18-20 says, i pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which He has called you, the riches of His glorious inheritance in the saints, and His incomparably great power for us who believe. that power is like the working of His mighty strength, which He exerted in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly realms.

wow! God gives that power, the power that He used to raise Christ from the dead, to those that believe. amen! His word also says that i can do all things through Christ and His power is made perfect in my weakness. hallelujah!

so no matter how tired i might feel, no matter how weak i might seem, i will boast all the more gladly in my weakness as his power is made perfect. if i can pull this- rather, when i do pull this off, God will get all the glory, He has given me the grace, discipline and stamina, through His mighty, mighty power, to stand on that mountain top!

well, the day came where we were faced with a decision, brave the weather and hope the floodgates don’t open and completely soak us, or wait until the next day when it’s guaranteed to be sunny? you guessed it, we decided to wait and take a hike the next day. this then put us into sunday, which just isn’t a good idea… after church in the morning (an incredible service i might add) pia and i took our friend amanda out to lunch for her b-day. needless to say, by the time we were done eating there really wasn’t time to go anywhere for our hike.

hence the term, urbaneering. we walked for two hours with 30 lbs. of beans and/or bird seed (pia’s weight of choice) on the lake path in the lovely city we call home. i wish i had taken pictures of people’s faces when they saw us coming. it was pure comedy! one guy knew exactly what we were doing and in fact wished us luck. that was nice.

so, here’s a pic of pia in a bus stop vestibule tying here mountaineering boots. i really feel like this picture portrays the term urbaneering properly.

last night brian, our trainer, who has been gracious enough to add a session for each of us to meet with him individually, met with me one-on-one. he kicked my butt! i seriously had no idea that i used certain muscles just to put on my makeup in the morning. you know you worked out hard when just leaning over you can feel the muscles start to shake… the accountability of a trainer is priceless. i don’t think– no, i know i wouldn’t go to the gym if i wasn’t meeting with him. time to start training my brain to like the gym. that’s going to be just as tough i think!

i can’t believe this is only our second week of training, and technically this is pre-training (whatever that means) before our super intense 16-week training program that ends with us hiking for 12 hours with 50lbs. on our backs… somehow the picture of julia roberts in runaway bride falling backwards after she tries on her pack for everest is looking rather realistic! but alas, we will push on! i love that i get to drag someone through this with me, thanks pia :)

thank you to everyone that has donated up till now. i am humbled by everyone’s generosity!

tonight was our very first training session with our new pt brian. i am soooo excited! i practically took the month of february off from working out (BIG MISTAKE) and so when we met with him last night, it felt so good to be back in the swing of things. check out his website, he really knows what he’s doing and has a great sense of humor. having an entertaining trainer will make this even more fun!


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