happy birthday to one of the coolest people i will ever know and love, my sister brittney! she’s the kind of person that everyone loves. you meet her and you can’t help but just love her. she is absolutely hysterical, such a dry witty humor and she’s also probably one of the smartest people i know. she can talk to you about renaissance art one minute, the decline of the ottoman empire the next and then seamlessly jump into the current conflict in afghanistan. she has this incredible ability to see all sides of an argument and always eager to learn. her capacity to love far exceeds most people’s’ ability to love, although sometimes this gets her burned. yet even after she’s burned she’ll still see the good in that person and love them. i wish everyone could have a sister like her. or at least a friend like her. her very nature and love challenge me to be  a better human being.

happy birthday b, love you very much sis! save some kids today – ha!