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i’ve been totally slacking on the blogging front so this post serves as my “this is what i’ve been up to” post for the month of may. Lord willing June will be a different story, although it is already june 8 – oops!

in the beginning of the month two of my girls and i drove down to indianapolis and ran the indy mini (13.1 miles). then we hit up bloomington to check out my old stomping grounds at IU. we had so much fun. road trips rock! i really i hope i don’t grow out of them… although i hear kids make you feel differently, hmm…

Indy Mini 2009 005

the next weekend i hopped on a plane to visit my family on the east coast. i met my brand new niece! she is so beautiful!

CT May 2009 002

and of course played with my nephew… this little man is soo fun :-)

CT May 2009 003

and then, i met my parents new dog. she’s a classic small dog that has no idea how small she really is. crazy millie!

CT May 2009 010

the next weekend i was back in chitown and my roommate and i hosted a little b-day party for my friend jamie. i thought it would be fun to make a cake for her so i did some research. i thought it would be more fun to try to do something that kinda showed her personality. praise the Lord, i found a recipe for a “fun” cake and then i found neon food coloring (who knew they made neon food coloring). so i dyed the icing bright neon colors and found some whacky candles that totally matched the icing – crazy! and anyone who knows jamie knows she LOVES candy, and i found out especially nerds. so, i dotted the cake and some cupcakes with nerds. and the pic below is the masterpiece :-)

Jamie's b-day 2009 003

it was sooo much fun making this. but just as much fun to see her reaction:

Jamie's b-day 2009 005

Jamie's b-day 2009 013

may was a good month… looking forward to a wonderful june!


tonight was the last night of our six (technically seven) week bible study, “discerning the voice of God” by priscilla shirer. it was a wonderful evening with beautiful worship, fellowship and heartfelt sharing. i can’t believe how fast these six weeks went, it just flew by. there was this one woman in particular who came every monday night. when we began the study she was pretty shy and quiet and really intimidated. so much so, she almost stopped coming after the first night. but she pushed through that first week and kept coming. she even got to church almost an hour early every monday so she wouldn’t get stuck in traffic! all i can say about her is that last night you could see the joy of the Lord on her face. she persevered and God blessed her with joy and peace. she shared with me that even her family has been noticing the change in her. stories like hers are the reason we serve as the Lord commands. i am so humbled, overwhelmed and blessed all at once that the Lord would allow me to be part of such a beautiful story.

this is a pic of mandy and shelly preparing for worship. these ladies have been so faithful! every week they would lead us into the presence of the Lord. it was wonderful!

afterwards a few of us headed to noli’s for pizza. we were all super hungry! noli’s has pretty much the only good ny style pizza in the city. still not quite ny, but definitely super close! that pie was on the table for maybe two seconds when the ladies dug in – hilarious, women and pizza, don’t mess!

the weather was horrible saturday morning and pia and i were scheduled to do an eight hour hike with 55 lbs. we weren’t bothered by the rain, even the thunder and lightning were things we thought we might be able to push through, but the thought of potentially slipping on the wet stairs and hurting ourselves less than a month before the summit kinda freaked us out. so instead we went to EAC and opted to “hike” the stair climber and inclined treadmill. ugh, it was tough! we cut our time down to six hours since we were stuck inside and there was no “down hill” recovery time like when we go up and down the stairs. we made it through the day and were encouraged by so many people at the club. multiple employees cheered us on as well as patrons of the club. it was such a blessing. just another reminder of how God knows what we need and provides!

needless to say, with this crazy busy schedule, i haven’t had the time to cook and bake much at all. which has made me really sad. i’m not the best cook nor the best baker, but i love to do it. in fact, the kitchen in my condo is the main reason i bought the place. it’s huge and very practical. but tonight i made time and cooked dinner for shelly and i and baked some chocolate chip banana muffins to take into work. it was so therapeutic to have that time in the kitchen. i’m looking forward to taking back my schedule after the summit and trying out many, many new recipes!

 balsamic-glazed salmon, bok choy and trader joe’s rice

the muffins : )

He is risen! after church today a few of us went to pia’s house and had Easter dinner together. it was so good and such a wonderful time with some of the girls.


amanda, cicely, pia. me and becky


cicely and shelly contemplating the day


cicely, shelly and me

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