well i haven’t posted in a while as life been kinda crazy. part of that craziness was due to two weddings last weekend! the weekend began on thursday when i flew to CT to stand in my friend laura’s wedding friday night. this wedding was very special to me for many reasons, but i think the best part about it is that laura and i have been friends since we were four years old. and four of us bridesmaids as well as laura, have all been friends since elementary school. such a rare and incredible gift to have friends for that long. one of things i love most about them is that we are all very different but no matter how much each of us changes, nothing changes in our friendships. in fact, i think we just get closer as we get older. i truly thank the Lord for each of their lives and the blessing of their friendships. i look forward to the next time we all get together :)

this was at the rehearsal the bride and all the maids :)

the beautiful bride getting ready :)

you should have seen those buttons!

here’s four of the five gals that have all been friends since we were little girls :)

laura’s wedding, as i mentioned was on friday and then my cousin, kelleigh, got married on sunday. she and her now husband, chose the brooklyn botanical gardens and it was a beautiful wedding. i wasn’t able to take any photographs, so i “stole” some from the photographer’s blog, roberto falck (check out his blog and web site, he is ridiculously talented!). they are incredible pictures! she looked stunning and he looked very handsom. their wedding was so pretty but so unique. they really put their own touch on it and i felt like i got a glimpse into their life together. it was really cool!

her dress and hair were stunning!

this pic is totally what i mean, i felt like i got to know them so much more.