Yep, that’s me these days. Totally and completely distracted. I feel like my brain is on overdrive. I go to bed with it reeling, which then takes me a while to fall asleep and I wake up with it reeling. I wish I could somehow grab whatever I think about when I’m asleep because I’m pretty sure I’m still thinking. And thinking A LOT even when my eyes are closed.

In my morning prayers I’m distracted. Everyday this past week I’ve prayed, Lord, help me to focus on you. If you read this blog, you’ve noticed I haven’t been even remotely consistent in posting… again, distracted. Too much on my plate.

Well, not really actually. I’m just not giving it back to God. I’m keeping what’s on my plate on my plate. I’m not allowing God to put it on His plate per say. (Hope that makes sense).

Like right now I’m supposed to be doing a thematic study on the book of James for class. And I am working on it, but here I am typing this entry right now. Study break? Maybe. Manifestation of a distraction? Most likely.

If my brain isn’t thinking about work, it’s thinking about my relationship. If it’s not thinking about my relationship, it’s thinking about school. If it’s not thinking about school, it’s thinking about my friendships. If it’s not thinking about my friendships it’s thinking about my finances. If it’s not thinking about finances, it’s thinking about my future. If it’s not thinking about my future, it’s thinking about work… and there goes the cycle.

And yet, in the midst of it all, I can feel God’s presence and the joy that comes only from Him. I am grateful for His presence.

Help me Lord to be still and know that you are God (Psalm 46:10).