On the final day of choosing joy I choose it because I finished a book! Yes, I know it may seem like a silly reason to find joy but I can’t help it. I have this horrible habit of starting and not finishing books. I have MANY books with sad little folded pages sitting around my desk, on my night stand, even on my book shelf just waiting to be opened again and finished. I’m trying to convince myself not to buy another book before I finish them all but I’m pretty sure that is just flat out unrealistic.

So, I finished Love Beyond Reason by John Ortberg while I was away on vacation. I definitely recommend it as it’s a pretty easy read, humorous and hard-hitting all at once. I really appreciated his candid writing and fearless nature of calling us readers out. I’m not a book critic so I’m not going to offer up much more, but it’s a good read. It has given me quite a bit to reflect on.

I’ve decided to end the formal choosing joy series but it made such a profound impact on my life that I’m going to implement it as a weekly thing now. Every Friday, scratch that, it’s fairly easy to choose joy on Fridays. Let’s say Monday. More often than not it’s hard to choose joy on Mondays. So moving forward every Monday on the blog will be choosing joy Monday. Sweet! This will be fun :-)