I have an insane listing of blogs I read on a daily/every-other-day basis. It’s totally ridiculous and I think I need to cut back. But I’m just not sure who to cut?? I’ve cut the blogs that I was only following because they angered me and got me fired up on certain issues that I was determined to blog against… you might now be wondering, really? You blogged “against” other blogs. Confession: nope, never did. Every time I tried it was like God gave me writers block. Which I knew was from Him because every rebuttal post sounded so eloquent and perfect in my head. But alas, when I tried to get it on the virtual paper, it never penned well. Never ever. I’m so grateful God saves me from myself ;-)

I also cut the blogs that I was following simply for nosey, snooping reasons—decided that wasn’t cool either…

So I know I need to cut some more, but not sure what my criteria should be now, nor who should really go… and then today, I read one that hit home with me. This blog will not be cut. It hit home because this blogger put herself out there and made herself vulnerable, she blogged about prayer requests. And real ones. Not the, “sure, I’d like prayer. Could you pray for my second cousin’s dog who may need a really expensive surgery?” Nothing against dogs or second cousins, but really?? Someone asks you if they can pray for you and your biggest concern is your second cousin’s dog? Captain Obvious here, you need prayer more than the dog does.

Self: you need prayer more than this fictional person you’re blogging about… hmm…

So back to the blogger I was talking about. Her blog is called In the Name of Love and I don’t remember how I found it. It might have been through the (in)courage blog actually, even the blogging world is a small world. But like I said, she asked for prayer for some major things in her life, and it was really refreshing to read. She’s in ministry full-time, she is incredibly articulate, she’s well-educated, she tackles issues of the day with grace and dignity, yep, she’s beautiful, and I’m pretty sure if I met her I’d like her. Her online presence is a great example to me, her writing is compelling and I’ve watched a few of her speeches/sermons, her passion for Jesus is contagious. She’s a really great role model for me (we’re probably the same age…).

Okay, so, why I’m blogging about this blogger is because of her transparency. And because she seems like someone “who has it altogether” yet she’s admitted, she still needs prayer. So I thought why not follow suit and steal one of her prayer requests as well, it rings so true for me too. So, if you’re reading this blog and wouldn’t mind praying for me, that would be such a blessing.

  1. As worded by Bianca:  “I want to be faithful like David, but I’m a sign-seeking Gideon. I want signs for signs. What I really need is faith. More faith.”
  2. After two years of living together my roommate who also happens to be one of my bestest friends is moving out. We both know this is the Lord’s timing but it is really hard. It’s a huge step of faith for both of us.
  3. My boyfriend (ah! I mentioned him on this blog, it’s the first time ever―how’s that for transparency! Totally laughing at myself right now, this is ridiculous—although if you know our story you know it’s not that ridiculous that I would hold out on mentioning him, but that’s a looong story for another time) is in the homestretch of tax season. I’ve learned from him that today, March 15, is a HUGE tax day for corporations so while I was enjoying beautiful Mexico, he was literally working until midnight every night… I would greatly appreciate prayers for him and prayers for creative ways that I can show him support in this time and not be the naggy girlfriend when he’s working six (sometimes seven) days a week and is doing his darndest to seek God every day, stay in the word, faithful to prayer, lead our relationship, be a diligent employee, and attentive to every other role he plays in this life.
  4. I’m totally insecure about my friendships and need to seek the Lord more on why and how to get over it… I’ve never been like that before but I think that’s because I had an insatiable pride issue (although being insecure about this stuff is still pride, hmm, vicious cycle!)
  5. We’re moving into some pretty exciting plans for the women’s ministry at church, would love wisdom, discernment and sensitivity to what God wants for His women.

So those are my most pressing requests right now. I’ve noticed the longer I walk this life of faith, the more aware I am of my inabilities. The hard part: walking out my faith with humble gratitude and not intense self-doubt and dislike. He made me and while I seek to become more like Him I need to remind myself He loves me and cherishes me just the way I am. It’s a hard concept for this thick head to grasp.

If you’d like to leave a prayer request in the comments, I would love the privilege of praying for you. It can be anonymous or you can be transparent… it’s up to you! I won’t judge either way ;-)