I’ve been wrestling with something lately, that I genuinely didn’t think I would wrestle with much. Of course I was wrong, shocking every time, yet I’m wrong often, go figure! Anyway, enjoying this beautiful vacation with my family I’m wrestling with being comfortable. And I say wrestling because I don’t ever want to be comfortable with comfortable. I want to always see a season, a place, a vacation, a moment in time where things seem “easy” as a blessing. I don’t want comfortable to ever squash my need for my Savior.

Comfort in this life doesn’t mean comfort in eternity. And I’d rather find myself “comfortable” in eternity than missing the boat this side of heaven and landing very far from “comfortable.” I’m not questioning my salvation by any means, but is my comfort worth more than being used by God for His purposes on this earth? Is my comfort worth more than His purposes for someone else and I to cross paths resulting in a discussion that could save a life? I don’t think so, and I don’t want to ever be in a place where I do think so. Lord, help me to never choose comfort over You.

I read this in Love Beyond Reason by John Ortberg today:

For the miracle of God’s love for ragged people is that in a whole universe that obeyed His will, in a cosmos of beauty and order, His concern should extend to one crooked little planet in one insignificant corner of one small galaxy in the whole of His work. It would be easier for him just to erase it. One rebel planet seems too small to be worth his time to run after, seems like a trivial pursuit.

The miracle of god’s love is that He should become a human being and work as a carpenter and grow hungry and tired and weak and should teach even cry for you and me. For in the end, the story of God’s love for this world is the story of a pursuit that is trivial no longer. Not after God became man. Not after the cross.

Today I choose joy for that reason.

pretty sure my nephew has learned what it means to vacation at a young age :-)

maybe someone makes these things for adults?