i’m blown away by modern technology these days. i’m on a plane right now as i type this! that is INCREDIBLE. i was trying to think of what to choose joy over today. since i’m on a plane you may have assumed i’m going somewhere, and for that i’m totally full of joy, but i don’t really have to choose joy in that case, ha! in a few short hours i’ll see most (missing one sister-SAD) of my family and we’ll enjoy a week of warm sun together. who knows, maybe the trip will grace the blog in some way shape or form :-)

it’s incredible to me though, despite the excitement and blessing of getting to leave the wind chill inflicted city i call home to spend a week in warmth with some of the most special people on this earth, i needed to choose joy and not fear this morning. the enemy just loves to steal our joy and try to rob us of the blessings God provides. but i was bound and determined not to let him win. so today i chose joy and i chose prayer.

i didn’t have a lot of time this morning to spend with the Lord as i thought i had prepared well yesterday for this morning but needless to say when i got up i realized there was still a bit of a laundry list of stuff to do before i walked out the door. but i did make time to pray and then even asked my prayer warrior roommate to pray for me. she has been such a blessing in my life for many, many reasons but one is definitely her gift of prayer.

she reminded me of something we learned together when we did beth moore’s study esther, we can live in a chiastic structure… meaning God can bring us to the “same” place but it can look very different. and only He can do that. she reminded me that even though fears may plague me at times when a situation looks familiar to the old dark past, it is God who can bring us back to those places and now it is a new and bright future. (ps. this is not about my family being an old dark past, just to be clear)

so today i choose joy because God makes al things beautiful in His time (ecclesiastes 3:11) and sometimes He shows us that by bringing us back to places, situations, people, etc. that once seemed dark and sad to show us how bright and full of joy it is now.

proverbs 23:18 – there is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.