yep, i sure do. i heart school and my study area. seriously, i’m so grateful to God for the blessing of my home and the cozy little corner in my living room He’s blessed me with for studying. (I know, a picture of it is kinda ridiculous but i couldn’t help it!)

last night i had the shades slightly open so i could see the snow fall when i’d glance up from my reading and it was the most perfect setting to study in. i’m just amazed that He has blessed me with this privilege of studying His word in an academic setting in addition to everything else He has done. utterly grateful today for my God. He doesn’t have to do any of this, yet He does. i’d choose Him again and again and again over all of it, and that i can say with confidence. but it would be remiss of me not say i am totally and utterly grateful (is that event the right use of that word, remiss??).

i’m studying the Holy Spirit in the book of john and learning so much. what i love about seminary is unlike when i was in school before and i’d have to take classes i knew i would NEVER use (eh-hem, like an excel course using nested-if statements etc. yes, for all of you who went to IU and had to take K201 that’s what i’m talking about!) i’m learning about what i believe and finding out for myself what the Bible says about my faith.

the Holy Spirit is a HOT topic in the world of evangelicals and unfortunately has caused a lot of division, which is such a tragedy for the Kingdom of God, so i’m really enjoying studying it for myself and finding out what i believe and why i believe it. i’m being challenged for sure, testing what i claim to believe, what i agree with and don’t agree with. i’ve had to drop the proverbial baggage i come to the Bible with and let the Lord reveal to me what His Word truly says about this incredible indwelling third of the Trinity.

i recently heard beth moore say something to the effect of, if you study His Word it should only bring you closer to him. that’s my prayer, that as i continue to study His Word i will only grow in my love for Him and understanding of His will for my life, for His creation and for His Kingdom.