this might sound super silly, but i put my faith in the Lord to the test today. okay, not really my faith i guess, more like my belief in His power. i had to do some work-work this morning before i could dive into my quiet time and then start my paper for school.

backing up, i got a reminder yesterday from my church that today i needed to attend a meeting to help write our curriculum for the early childhood ministry at church. now besides the fact that this is hilarious because i am no good with toddlers, nor do i have a teaching bone in my body – when i was a substitute teacher i rocked at it only because i had grown-up in the schools i was subbing in so i could easily “bribe” the kids with, “i’ll tell whatever you want to know about all your teachers if you do your work first.” (i know, horrible right?!?! but i will note i never spoke a poor word of any of my teachers to those kids, just used it as a way to get them to do their work, and it DID work)- i had set this day aside to work on my paper. i do better work when i have huge chunks of time rather than little ones and especially when i can start my day and go right into it. so i planned on not attending. i figured the ladies in my group are smarter than me anyway on this stuff, oh, and more creative.

so back to the work-work to be done before my quiet time. i really thought i had planned well, my colleague and i had set things up in such a way that we’d tag-team, if you will, the work that had to get posted online in a timely manner. what we didn’t consider is the fact that we both use macs at home. so windows media files were not gonna open on our computers. when our trusty coworker explained to us the lovely little software we could use to convert the files, we happily began that process. but then my coworker realized she needed her roommates password to download the software. needless to say the roommate was gonna be MIA until way past our deadline. so i had to take one for the team and do the work myself. not a big deal, but it did throw everything off as it took a lot more time than i had planned.

once completed i started my quiet time. right now i’m doing the study, believing God by beth moore for a second time. if you are reading this blog and you haven’t done that study, you NEED to. seriously, it’s the only study i’ve ever done that i think everyone and their mom should do. it’s INCREDIBLE and FAITH CHANGING.  anyway, i digress. so i progress in my quiet time to the point that it’s time to listen to this week’s sermon. and as i’m listening to beth speak about believing God and believing that He can do what He says He can do i got super convicted… i wasn’t believing God to quicken my mind and increase my time that i might serve Him where i have committed to and come back to studying later.

i was so convicted that i brought the sermon into my bathroom, hopped in the shower and tried to get ready as fast as i could to make it to the meeting. and wouldn’t you know, i was the only one from my team who was able to go.

so tonight and for the next week, i’m believing God to help me get this paper done and get it done well. i know, this sounds super silly, but i’m feeling super challenged lately to believe God in ALL things, no matter how small they might seem. even as small as multiplying my time and quickening my mind to understand all that i need to know to do something like a school paper.

luke 1:37: for nothing is impossible with God.