i am creature of habit and i love routine. i hate to even admit it as when i think of people who can describe themselves like that, i hear “stuffy, boring, no-fun.” uh-oh, hope that’s not me!

so, i’ve decided to spice things up… for the past 2.5 years i’ve been journaling in the same kind of journal. i finish a journal and buy the exact same one and begin my new one. they are all black with the exception of one that has a blue cover, but i decided after the blue cover that i would stick with black as i couldn’t find any other colored covers of that journal that i liked. but, the time has come, i am going to step out of my box and try to buy a pretty one, one with colors, maybe a print on it… hmm…

one thing though, i’ve found it’s so important that i have a journal i want to write in. the paper needs to be a certain kind and flexible but not too flexible covers. i hope i find one quickly, there aren’t that many pages left in my journal!

check out these two journals from paper source: