Literally, I copied this from my journal:

In class right now as I write this. My “ah-ha” moment: I have to PRAY before I do my assignments!! I am not relying on God to bring me through this class!

[written a few moments later]

So another “ah-ha” moment – I find Dr. J so frustrating as he likes to prove his points in ways that annoy me, but I’m seeing the lessons the Lord is trying to teach me in this – SUBMISSION! Even this evening Dr. J was talking about how we don’t submit to the Scriptures and it occurred to me that I don’t want to submit to his teaching style :-( And I find I’m becoming rather rude about all this, like laughing at him class (in my head of course – although who am I kidding, I wear what I am thinking on my face), crossing my arms, thinking things like I don’t need this… But the Lord led me to this, Dr. J is much more knowledgeable than me and I must learn to submit!