so dr. j likes to give us rather out of the box homework assignments and sometimes, as i mentioned in my previous post, we submit them for the entire class to read and other times just for him. this was one of the assignments we had to submit just to him, a prayer for the semester addressing our hopes and fears. i thought i might as well share it since i bared it all in my last post :- )

Oh Holy Spirit,

I am so painfully aware that there is nothing I can do on my own. So painfully aware that not by my might but by Your Spirit is anything possible. I have such a desire to know the Word, to know my Father and to be a fruitful part of His Kingdom. The greatest privilege is to be able to serve and be a part of bringing His children unto Him, but oh Holy Spirit, I am so afraid of this next step you have lead me to.

I am a rather linear thinker Holy Spirit, and I know you brought me into a class with a professor who is quite the opposite of me on purpose. It has not been lost on me that You, who desire me to face my fears; you who desire for me to watch You move me over them and through them, would place me in a class where I must be vulnerable.

Oh Holy Spirit, I ask you this day for a holy boldness. I am so afraid of looking dumb, of not measuring up to the rest of the class. You Holy Spirit, You know how I process things slower than the average individual; You, Holy Spirit know how I clam up in an academic setting—draw close to me in this season. Let every victory bring the Father glory and may this season bring me closer to You. Make me more like my Lord and Savior and let this class serve as a tool to bring me to a place that I might be used to bring Your children into closer relationship with you. Let this be the beginning of an explosion in the ministry You have called me to.

I ask all this and believe all this in the Mighty Name of the Most High God, Jesus Christ—Amen!