a little more than a month ago i went back to connecticut to hang with my family and meet my new niece (who is sooo stinkin’ cute!). one evening we had some folks over for a barbecue. on the menu – my mom’s potato salad. which, in my opinion, is the BEST potato salad in the world. yes, the entire world :-)

the thing is though, i like it cold and the rest of the fam likes it room temperature. despite this knowledge, i asked my mom anyway if we were going to chill it before we serve it. her response, “oh that’s right, you like it cold. everyone else seems to like it warm but i can put a bowl in the fridge for you so you can have it cold.” i said, “oh no, that’s okay.”

i simply didn’t want to inconvenience my mom. everyone else likes it warm, i don’t need to be the difficult one and add more work to the process of preparing for this barbecue.

well, the barbecue came and went. everything was so tasty as always, and when it was time to clean-up we headed in the house and got to work. i was putting away the leftovers when i opened the fridge and there was a bowl of potato salad. my mom had prepared a separate bowl just for me so i could have mine cold. but i didn’t look for it before we sat down to eat. i can’t tell you how sweet it was to me that she did that. such a small gesture, but so intentional and thoughtful. even though i’m the only one who likes it cold, she thought to set aside a bowl just for me.

lately i’ve noticed i do the same with the Lord. i settle for warm potato salad. i have deep desires that i look forward to seeing filled, yet i don’t necessarily ask for them. and why don’t i ask? because i look at other people’s lives and see they have much greater needs than i do. and the current situation or circumstance i might find myself in really isn’t that bad. so why should i ask to be moved from where i am, it’s not that bad? and that’s just it. God wants to give us the cold potato salad. even though warm is still good, cold is better. even though life isn’t hard, even though i might find myself content with where i am, that doesn’t mean get comfortable. that doesn’t mean stop asking God for the deepest desires of my heart.

who knew potatoe salad could be so profound.

matthew 7:7-8 – Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.