i think this is one of the very rare times when i happen to be at my computer and the desire to blog has crept up on me…

so i’m sitting in my kitchen, at the breakfast bar right now. on sunday we will have a meeting with the leaders of our women’s ministry summer challenge. to say i am excited for this endeavor is an understatement, this is my heart beat, women’s ministry that is.

the crazy thing is, i’m going to cast the vision at this meeting. i’ve never been a vision caster and i never really understood (still kinda don’t) what people really meant when they would say things like, “we have to get the people on board and cast the vision.” granted, when i first heard statements like this i was the grunt worker (paying my dues as every entry-level professional should) at a rather large PR agency (a fabulous agency might i add) and it was always the guy with the ideas but who had NO IDEA how to execute them that would cast this “vision.”

so you can imagine when i began following after God and serving Him in ministry and people brought up vision i rolled my eyes in true drama queen fashion. now i’m the person i would roll my eyes at, God has a sense of humor!

but i kinda get it now. part of vision casting is communicating the overall goal to people. to help show them how each piece fits into the much larger picture. who knew my PR background would come in so handy – oh right, God did! and that’s just the thing, as i sit here in my kitchen, reading over the vision He gave us leaders, i am in awe that i am a part of this.

who am i that i get to serve my God in this way? truly, without my Savior, i am nothing, my heart is ugly, i’m detestable. and yet, He calls me His child. i am a daughter of the Most High God. so i pray, that the Almighty God will be pleased with the vision and desire we have for His women’s ministry (i know, it’s kinda strange to write that considering He birthed the vision in us). i am in awe of Him and that He could use a wretch like me. may we be hidden behind His cross this summer as He draws His women unto Him!