is having a hard time believing life gets better than this! 

yes, that was my facebook status last thursday and this is why:

a friend of mine sent me an email earlier in the week challenging me on the “comfort” of my quiet time with the Lord. he said he was going to pray that something “unusual” would happen this week to in a sense shake me out of my comfort but not create disruption per say, rather draw me closer to Him. whether that be through people, music, a conversation, who knows. but that my time would be “unusual.”

well, it was. and that is where my status message came from.

tuesday evening i worked out and it was a very hard workout. the kind of workout where i knew that i was going to sleep like a rock. i was so fearful of sleeping through my alarm that i set it ridiculously loud (my roommate wasn’t home for a couple days). i think my alarm was loud enough for the neighbors to hear… but apparently not loud enough for me! i still managed to oversleep by 45 minutes, which meant i had to sacrifice my quiet time. (i know, you see where this is going).

so when i got home that evening i went for my run (i’m training for a race) and then got ready to do my quiet time. but i decided to try something i had tried months ago but didn’t have “success” with – i dimmed the lights in my living room, lit a bunch of candles, put on worship music and that’s just what i did. i sat in my living room, all by myself and worshipped my God, prayed, journaled, read His Word and enjoyed His presence like never before!

i have never, in my time walking with the Lord, felt His presence in my own home like that. He was so near and i could feel His delight in me, to the point of laughter.

i said, “who am i Lord that you would care this much to be here like this right now. to let me  feel not only Your nearness but Your delight!?!?”

it was truly the most incredible evening. i went into it with expectancy and the Lord answered. i even asked Him to reveal to me how i should pray about a few things in my life right now (things i may share in the future but right now they are between the Lord and I) and He answered! and very specifically too!

i am so grateful for a God that truly loves and cares for His people. and so grateful for friends that aren’t afraid to challenge me and friends that will pray for me (and the fact that the Lord has brought me to a place where i’ll accept the challenge and not buck the challenger!). what a serious blessing in such a cold world.