i was driving to work today thinking about this post. asking myself, am i really ready to write about this? i know i’ve grappled with something to the point of stepping into victory when i have the ability to blog about it. if i can’t blog, it means i have a lot more “work” to do. (by work, i mean seeking God vigorously in prayer).

my roommate (ps. i hate calling her that because she is so much more than just a roommate, she’s the iron God has used to make me a better woman, she’s the fourth sister i never had, she’s the encourager the Lord has blessed me with…) blogged about FEAR today. the dreaded word… it’s something we are both grappling with, as well as the third member of our bible study (we’re studying beth moore’s newest, esther right now).

it occured to me on the way to work this morning, how do we recognize fear? how do we discern between a lack of peace because we are out of the Lord’s will for our lives vs. i have a deep rooted fear that is robbing me of the peace my Lord wants to give me?

i’m dealing with that a bit right now, and i don’t have a profound answer to share here. i don’t have the quick fix that my good old control freak self likes… but i do have the Word my Lord has left for me. i do have the privilege of running to Him, crawling up in His lap, and asking Him to provide the discernment and revelation i need to recognize my own deep-seated fears.

psalm 16:8 – “i have set the LORD before me. because He is at my right hand, i will not be shaken.”

that’s my prayer as i face this uncertainty before me, with my Lord at my right hand. His perfect love WILL cast out this fear.