i’ve been inconsistently, yet in the Lord’s perfect timing, following a recent study of the life of joshua. currently we are camped out in exodus looking at the battle between the israelites and the amalekites. if you can remember, this is the battle where moses commissions joshua to lead the israelites into the battle while he, with God’s staff in hand, watches over them from a nearby cliff/hill. moses must keep his arms raised as he holds God’s staff. each time he lowers his hands the amalekites advance against the israelites, but once his hands are raised, the israelites come back. this is a long battle and hours of fighting, moses gets tired. so aaron and hur some along side him, offering him a stone to sit on and their strong able bodies to help hold moses’ arms up for the length of the battle.

i’ve heard this story many times and always looked at it from the perspective of friendship. aaron and hur were just the friends moses needed at that time to hold his arms for him. after all, he was 80 years old, and that’s what friends do, they help you fight the battles. and while this is true and a great lesson to glean from this story, i was exposed to another angle today that really hit home.

when moses had his arms raised and was offered the stone to sit on, he sat. he didn’t say, “no, it’s okay, i got this one guys.” he wasn’t so caught up in being the leader of this great army below him that he couldn’t recognize when he needed help. he knew, the battle wasn’t being fought and won because of him, he knew it was being fought and won by his God.

i was so convicted of this picture, realizing that in my own selfish insecurities, if i were moses, i wouldn’t want to sit for fear that people might think i am weak. for me, sitting would be weak, would indicate that i can’t lead, would mean people would see i am vulnerable, would open people’s eyes to the fact that i can’t do it all.

but then i remember, it is when i am weak that i am strong, as then it is the Lord’s power that gives me strength.

moses was strong, not weak. a weak man would have said no to the help his friends offered. a strong man says, i need help. a strong man is humble and dignified before the Lord. admitting when he knows he needs help, and humbly accepting it.

i learned a lot from this passage today and this new perspective of it. Lord, help me to humble myself and not be afraid to let the women in my life come along side and battle with me. for then, with Your power flowing through us, will i be strong.