a few months ago i posted an entry about my next mountain adventure, the grand teton. my partner in crime this go around, my roommate, asked me what i felt the Lord was saying about us going. i looked at her like she had two heads and proceeded to tell her nothing… because i hadn’t asked!

in that moment i could feel the Lord “looking” at me and i remembered a day last summer, while training to summit mt. rainier, when i realized i had jumped into that adventure and not once asked the Lord if it was His will for me to do it. it had never occurred to me to seek His will for something like that. sure, to go on a missions trip or take a job, serve in a ministry… all those seemed like times when i should seek the Lord’s will. but to climb a mountain? really?

it was then i realized, my time is not my own no matter the situation. every minute of every day belongs to Him and is on loan to me. and up until that realization while training for rainier, i realized the Lord had been blessing me and my training efforts despite the fact that i never asked Him if i should take on that adventure. in His kind, gentle nature He blessed it in spite of me. and it was at that moment i promised not to do anything without the Lord’s permission first.

needless to say, in my eagerness to embark on another mountainous adventure, i forgot to ask the Lord’s will. so when shelly said, what do you hear the Lord saying about it? i was dumbfounded. i had forgotten what He had so gently asked me to do.

so for the next few days and weeks i sought the Lord’s will. i had no peace about the climb. something about it wasn’t sitting right in my spirit and i knew this wasn’t the Lord’s will.

and then one day, in my quiet time with Him, i heard, “let me provide your adventure.”

to which of course i said, “ok, let’s talk mountains.”

but God doesn’t work that way. but He does give us peace when we are in His will. i have no idea what kind of adventure He wants to take me on, especially considering i feel like just living life in Him is an adventure. but i do know, whatever it is, it’s gonna be incredible!