in the past few months i’ve come very aware of how small i am and how i will most likely never quite understand how BIG my God is. but in an effort to grow in my understanding of Him and how i can be a better christian, servant in the kingdom and daughter of the Most Awesome (and only) God, i’ve picked up a couple reads suggested by my pastor.

how-to-read1this book, how to read the Bible for all its worth, has captivated me. (now if you told me even three years ago i would be geeked out by such a book, i would have laughed in your face). i don’t have a Bible education but i desire to learn, and this book is a great starting point. it’s teaching me about all kinds of basics and helping me to see the Word in living color, per say, verses just black and white.

the other book i’m reading right now is on being a servant of Godby warren wiersbe. this book is short, written in a pretty easy to understand format, but man is it profound!


this is one of those books that if you are like me and like to write in them, you want to underline the entire thing.

it’s a convicting book as well. i find the more i grow and learn about ministry, the more inadequate i feel and the more i realize i need my Lord and His grace to serve His people as He desires me to.

so anyway, these are two great books and i highly recommend reading them in conjunction with your daily Bible reading and prayer time. happy reading!