wow! it has been an incredible week and if i tried to blog about it all it would take forever. on wednesday night this past week, the choir at my church, chicago tabernacle, choirled the founder’s week audience in worship before billy kim preached a compelling and convicting message. i could blog all about his message and how incredible it was but instead, i want to talk about my dear roommate and spiritual sister.

i have no idea what it is like to be a mom, but after this week, i can’t even imagine what it must be like. shelly (my roommate) is an incredible woman of God, but this past wednesday, she took it to the next level – or should I say, the Lord took her to the next level. and I’ve been ridiculously proud to say “that’s my roommate!” (cause it is all about me, right? totally kidding!)

anyway, anyone who knows her knows what a prayer warrior she is, and that is an understatement. she knows her God, and knows Him well. and when she prays you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Lord is listening.

well, she’s the same way on her guitar. she doesn’t play just to play. she plays to bring God glory, to worship Him and usher others into His presence. it’s never about her, it’s all about Him. and wednesday night that is exactly what she did. people have been complimenting her on her skills and telling her how great she was, and she consistently sends the praise back to the Lord.

I’ve never been so aware of how blessed i am to have this woman of God as my roommate. and going through this experience with her, having the privilege of seeing the hard work, prayer and diligence that went into preparing for that night, i can’t help but wonder if this how a mom feels when she sees her child work hard and “succeed” (not that she’s a child, but just that kind of love and adoration that i imagine is synonymous with being a mom). shelly “succeeded” wednesday night, but not because she played well, she succeeded because she was all about God and nothing less. she was focused on using her skills to glorify the King of Kings, to worship Him as best she could despite any distractions, the size of the audience or the magnitude of the event.

i hope and pray that every woman i know has the privilege of having a shelly in her life and i hope one day, when i grow up, i will be like her. i am so blessed to know her.