my roommate loves birthdays apparently, which i know, and is why this morning i was putting off getting out of bed, debating in my head, do i get up now while she is still here or wait until she is gone? i decided to face her and get up. as i exit my bedroom there she is, bummed i have emerged from my cave as she was hoping she would get to sing me happy birthday. i on the other hand was glad, i’m not a morning person. especially when i haven’t showered or had my coffee yet… needless to say, that didn’t matter. when i walked into the kitchen and toward my coffee pot to turn it on, i was greeted with this:


she got me. i thought i had foiled her plan by getting out of bed later and not letting her sing happy birthday (no, i promise i am not mean, i’m just not a morning person) but alas, she had other plans. so i laughed and told her she was crazy. little did i know this was just the beginning… i walked back downstairs and into my bathroom and was greeted with this:


she got me again. all i could do was laugh. and feel incredibly loved. little did i know, this too was not the end. when i got to work there were two more gerber daisies at my desk as well as a bag of mini reese’s peanut butter cups. and then, i had to run errands at lunch and in my car was a note and gift card to starbucks… seriously, she is the best!