typically i’ve never told anyone when my birthday is, it’s not on my facebook page or any networking site, and when people ask when it is, i provide a rather vague answer like, “it’s sometime this year.” none of my friends really like that about me. i just can’t stand being the center of attention, i’ve always looked at it like everyone has a birthday, it’s not something special. well, last year i got really convicted of it, like God was like, “hey, i picked that day for you to be born. i created you in my own image and think it is rather wonderful when people want to celebrate my creation.” yeah, He kinda knocked me off my horse. so on Friday i went out to dinner with some friends to celebrate. we went to this restaurant called mado and it was wonderful!  then we were off to my friend colleen’s house for coffee and a little slice of heaven, a DQ snickers blizzard ice cream cake! it was soooo good. praise the Lord for dairy queen and friends who know me just that well :)