Well it has been a while since I last blogged, my apologies for to all three of my readers :) Life is good these days and I praise God for a house that is flood free with new carpet and freshly painted walls. I don’t know how many of you read my old blog from last year, but there was a post on that blog about all the things I still needed to fix around my house. Well, I never thought I would say this, but to a degree, praise the Lord for the flood as I got so much done around the house because of it…

Here are the pics of the things I finally got done – it only took a little over two years and two floods, but hey, it’s done!  

The glass dome on the light fixture: 

house-0011Fixtures (towel rack, shelf and tiolet paper holder) in the upstairs bathroom (I did that all by myself, that is HUGE for me):


house-006Dimmers installed for the canister lights in the living room and the kitchen table fixture (no picture).

Black and whites are in all the frames (some courtesy of my roommate as well):

house-0021TV stand (although that came after the first break-in last summer):

house-003Bookcases (one upstairs and one downstairs):


house-007Walls painted in the downstairs hallway and my roommate’s bedroom: 


house-010Things you won’t see:

Christmas decorations and bikes moved into the storage closet and out of the condo

Pretty cool how so much can get done when you are tired of the mess! Although I’m pretty embarrassed that it too over two years for most of this to get done… hmm… you think I need a little fire under my bum at times or what? Yet another example of how what the enemy intends for evil (aka. Floods, break-ins, stolen car parts, etc.) the Lord will use for good, like finishing years-long to-do lists! (Okay, maybe that is over-spiritualizing this whole thing…)