a couple weeks ago i blogged about attending two weddings in one weekend. well my friend laura, whose wedding i stood in that weekend, just sent us the pics. i had to share this one with you:

the greatest privilege i had that day, greater than standing in her wedding, greater than reading the Word of the Lord during the ceremony, was getting to pray with her and for her and her marriage. i am so grateful to the Lord for providing that precise moment amidst the busyness of the day for us to have this time together. once again, i had asked the Lord for this privilege, and He provided. what an incredibly loving God I serve. and what a wonderful friendship i have with laura. i thank God for her.

here’s another one from her wedding that i just had to include because it is hysterical!

don’t know what was so funny, i think it’s just ’cause we ran, and i mean ran down the stairs for our introduction…