so i thought i would share how shelly and i are living right now while the basement, where the bedrooms are, is being fixed from the minor flood. we’re pretty much having a week long slumber party in the living room. however, something like this really is a lot more fun as a kid. when you’re a child, sleeping in close proximity of your friends for a week sounds exciting. you don’t care about sharing a bathroom ’cause you have no idea what it’s like not to share a bathroom, and sleeping, eating and hanging out all in one room just sounds sooo cool at 10 years old. not quite the same in your late twenties.

the upside to all this, we’re knocking things off the to-do list left and right! we finally emptied the storage closet and found a home for shelly’s futon and moved all three bikes into said emptied storage closet. hallelujah! it was driving me INSANE having them in the house. i finally changed the dead light bulbs out of the kitchen light and the flood lights in the living room. bought a rod to secure the dome for the light fixture over the dining table and we are finally going to paint shelly’s room and the downstairs hallway. this seems like a great idea right now since we’ve had to move all her furniture out of her bedroom anayway. not to mention, this has been on the to-do list for a LONG TIME. bless my old roommate’s heart, but i’m really tired of the violet color that has been in that room. i’m ready to see it go and i know shelly is too :)

so here are a few pics of our dwelling place at the moment.

yep, that’s shelly’s bed in the middle of the living room and i’ve opted to sleep on the couch for now. so far it’s not so bad…

this is the dining table area, in between the kitchen and the living room. see the bikes under the breakfast bar? now they are in the storage closet!! and all the stuff on the table as well :)

and there is poor shelly using the kitchen stool as her table. this was seriously hilarious!

in all seriousness though, i’ve realized in this particular situation how ungrateful i can be. yeah, this situation seriously stinks. no two ways about it. BUT when i pull back and look at this from a larger perspective, i have to recognize, i own a home. that’s why i have to deal with this issue and can’t just call a landlord. let’s pull back even farther, i have a solid roof over my head with indoor plumbing. i might want to give the developer of this condo a HUGE piece of my mind, BUT, i have a home. i have an awesome group of friends who have been praying me through this whole situation and most importantly, i have a God who sees my need and doesn’t turn away, no matter how small or big it may be.

so for that i am forever grateful. and thankful in a weird sense that i even have this as a problem. God has blessed me more than i could have ever asked for. i’ve just got to keep it in perspective.