this has been a super rough day. turns out the pump in my basement, where the bedrooms are and the master bath, broke yet again :-( this happened less than six months ago as well. this time it seems drilling holes into walls as well as replacing carpet, etc. is needed. ugh!! the devloper that made these units did such a poor job (complete understatement) and every issue i have had with this place is a result of him cutting corners. guess i learned my lesson re: buying new…

but i am so thankful for incredible friends i have been blessed with, especially my stellar roommate! i could not ask for a better friend to be by my side in this kind of chaos. just to give you a glimpse of how incredible she is, i cut and pasted her version of a hallmark card that she sent me today into this post. hence the “shellymark card” title. God is so stinkin’ good!


<—-When this happens in our basement




<—-And we find ourselves struggling towards the summit





<—-And feel like most of our time is spent like this…


<—-And we sure could use A LOT of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




~We do have the assurance the He will break through, no matter how dark and difficult it gets




Linds–this absolutely SUCKS! I am so sorry friend and I wish I could fix it all–bippity boppity boo–actually, even quicker than that. I know it’s not the “answer”, but I’m here and I’m praying. I’m so sorry =(  ….whoever said lightning doesn’t strike twice is stupid or we seem to attract it all ;)

love you friend~