below is an email i sent to friends this afternoon regarding catherine marie:


hi friends,
i heard from shelly. here’s the status as of now:
catherine marie has made it through the night and is on a ventilator. her lungs are super small and all her organs have tried to make their way into her chest cavity BUT she is able to slightly breathe on her own. THAT is a HUGE answer to prayer as if she can keep doing that, while on the ventilator, if she is strong enough by monday, the doctors will begin to operate on her one organ at a time.
shelly left me a voicemail and did not mention how katie is doing, but since she didn’t say anything i am going to believe God that katie is doing well.
here are the main prayer requests:
1. pray for strength for little catherine so that the doctors can begin operating on her
2. pray that her lungs would miraculously grow and be at full-capacity to sustain life
3. pray as the spirit leads for katie and donnie, and shelly
thanks friends! this is my prayer (much like the last one): show-off in this situation Lord, baffle the hundreds and thousands that have already been touched by this little baby’s life. show-off today, wonderful and merciful Savior! make your glory known to all who believe and to all who don’t!
love you friends!