i believe in a God who is still in the miracle-making business. and now is the time for a miracle. i’ve never met katie or donnie but living with shelly i feel like i know them. and as strange as it might seem to post this right now, i know our God listens to the cries of His people and it is those cries that move His hand.

so, please pray for katie and catherine marie, as she has made her debut earlier than planned.

Lord, i have no idea why this happens to people, i have no idea why little catherine marie would get to spend 9 months with her mommy but possibly no more. i don’t know why katie and donnie’s first baby had to come into the world in this manner. but you are sovereign, you are righteous and you are holy. i trust you in this Lord and ask that you would make your presence so real to katie and donnie in the next few minutes and hours. prepare them for your plan Lord, whatever that might be and Lord, comfort them.

be with shelly as well Lord. there is no doubt in my mind Lord, that you have been preparing her to be the support they need before she even knew katie and donnie. may she possess a confidence like esther Lord, a confidence that only comes from you, for such a time is this.

i trust you Lord and love you Lord. no words are adequate for such a sitution, but you see the hearts of your people and the thoughts in our minds. show-off tonight Lord, baffle the hundreds and thousands that have already been touched by this little baby’s life. show-off tonight, wonderful and merciful Savior! make your glory known to all who believe and to all who don’t!