the weather was horrible saturday morning and pia and i were scheduled to do an eight hour hike with 55 lbs. we weren’t bothered by the rain, even the thunder and lightning were things we thought we might be able to push through, but the thought of potentially slipping on the wet stairs and hurting ourselves less than a month before the summit kinda freaked us out. so instead we went to EAC and opted to “hike” the stair climber and inclined treadmill. ugh, it was tough! we cut our time down to six hours since we were stuck inside and there was no “down hill” recovery time like when we go up and down the stairs. we made it through the day and were encouraged by so many people at the club. multiple employees cheered us on as well as patrons of the club. it was such a blessing. just another reminder of how God knows what we need and provides!

needless to say, with this crazy busy schedule, i haven’t had the time to cook and bake much at all. which has made me really sad. i’m not the best cook nor the best baker, but i love to do it. in fact, the kitchen in my condo is the main reason i bought the place. it’s huge and very practical. but tonight i made time and cooked dinner for shelly and i and baked some chocolate chip banana muffins to take into work. it was so therapeutic to have that time in the kitchen. i’m looking forward to taking back my schedule after the summit and trying out many, many new recipes!

 balsamic-glazed salmon, bok choy and trader joe’s rice

the muffins : )