i felt like i could keep going if i had to! this saturday we hiked up and down those stairs we have come to know all too well for most of those nine hours and i actually felt “good” afterwards. it was incredible!

i had the worst attitude when we started too. i mean the worst! i’m usually pretty good at embracing the “suck it up, you have to do it” attitude. but for some reason, i was seriously resisting finding anything good in this pending nine hour pilgrimage. i was totally stuck on the fact that i was going to be hiking longer than i am typically at work. and then i was also thinking about how i have run three marathons and none of that training requires this much of me. so see, my attitude was HORRIBLE!

but alas (oh how i love to say that) the Lord blessed our obedience and showed me that i just might be physically ready for this challenge!

if you read this blog (which clearly you are right now) i ask that you please pray for pia and i when it comes to summit. we have been diligently working our little tails off, but we are at the mercy of altitude adjustment and weather. if you have bee reading this blog with any kind of consistency, you know as well that i believe in a God who is mightier than the weather man, and made the mountain we are hoping to stand on top of. so i trust, that if it is the Lord’s will He will get us up there safely : )

thanks for your support and prayers as we come into the home stretch of this incredible adventure!