today was a tough hiking day. it started out “normal” with pia acting as photographer and me trying to be a tough looking model in my new boots (yes, i bought the wrong boots and had to buy new ones). when we were talking about what my pose should look like (isn’t this what every mountaineer does before they attempt to hike for seven hours with 45 lbs, don’t they all pose for a picture) the first thought that came to mind was sporty spice. can you believe that? all i could think of was this one halloween night when my high school girlfriends and i thought it was a good idea, since there were five of us, to dress up as the spice girls. it was absolutely hysterical at the time and certainly now, one of those, seriously, did we do that moments- haha! anyway, i remember the picture we took that evening of all of us and i believe sporty and scary spice (anessa and laura) struck a pose much like this one : )

so those are my new boots and me trying to do my best sporty/scary spice impression. somehow i don’t think sporty or scary would approve of the smile?

anyway, so my new boots gave me a HUGE blister and within the first 90 minutes i was back at the car putting on my sneakers. climbing stairs and hills for the next seven hours just wasn’t going to happen in these guys.

after i changed my shoes we met the nicest woman on the stairs, well not literally, we were standing at the top. turns out she climbed rainier three years ago! it was so perfect, she spent the next hour or so with us answering all our questions. such a huge blessing! she even showed us some super steep hills to climb to try to spice it up a bit. i think we have forged a new friendship : )

needless to say, i treated myself to some DQ  : )