tonight was the most incredible night! it was the first evening of the women’s bible study at my church, chicago tabernacle. last fall i presented a proposal to my senior pastor’s wife about conducting a bible study for the women of our church. the Lord had laid out a plan in my head and i put it on paper. i met with her again earlier this year and we agreed the time to start it would be after the easter season. this was also the meeting in which i discovered i would be leading this adventure (not the actual teachings, i know my limits! that’s why we are doing priscilla shirer’s study, discerning the voice of God).

so i got to work praying for the study, planning the evenings in my head, and asking for God to show me the facilitators He would like to use. it seemed like out of nowhere, today was here!

i thought for sure i was believing God for big things by planning to have 40 chairs set-up in the fellowship hall (we are not a very big church), but sure enough, our God who loves to show-off brought close to 50 women! hallelujah!

all these women are so excited and hungry to hear God’s voice and learn more about him. one woman came up to me and said:

“you know that part in the DVD when Priscilla said she likes to study and learn more about God when she has a quiet moment? well that just spoke so loudly to me. whenever i have a down moment i like to put my feet up, it never occurred to me to spend that time with the Lord. and that’s what i want, a more intimate relationship with God!”

praise the Lord! i am so excited for this study and how God is going to move among the the women of our church. the Lord’s timing truly is perfect and the women are so ready for this. they are hungry for God’s Word, eager to learn and eager to hear the voice of the Lord. i am so humbled that God would let me witness this adventure. all i can do is sing His praises!