today we were faced with yet another challenge since we live in the flatlands of the midwest. we needed to hike for three hours with 25 lbs. and i had to be at a baby shower at 12:30 p.m. so, it was time to go hiking in the gym.  

the funny thing is, we kinda thought this was normal considering we live in a city and are training to summit a mountain. certainly people have seen this before, where else do urbanites go if there are not any hills in close proximity? but with all the looks we got, apparently this isn’t normal at all. it was actually quite comical and if i could have discreetly taken pictures of people’s “what the heck is that?” looks, i totally would have.

needless to say we did it. hopping back and forth between the stair-climber and inclined treadmills. surprisingly it went by really fast too. i finally gave into wearing shorts as well. i HATE shorts! but alas, it is way too hot in the gym and once chicago actually gets warm, i know it will be way too hot to wear pants while hiking. i’m hoping i can adjust to this shorts thing quickly…