so as i mentioned, on sunday pia and i walked for two hours with 30 lbs. on our backs. when we were done, i felt like i do after i have run a 1/2 marathon and run it hard. i thought to myself, “this is not good, i should not be this exhausted.” but i couldn’t figure out what the problem was.

i also came to the realization that i bought the wrong size pack. i bought the arcteryx briza 62 and i needed the briza 75. so i called REI (praise the Lord for their generous return policy) and was able to put the pack i needed on hold for pick-up monday night.

WELL, while i was at REI, i took the new bigger pack to the pack department and the lovely sales guy, jerry, was there to help me “fit” it. turns out the guy that helped me the first time measured me wrong! the frame on both packs i had bought was a short. i’m actually a regular. and let me tell you, it makes a HUGE difference. sure, some of you are probably like, duh linds. but i really just trusted the guy and clearly, don’t know much about this (praise the Lord we have a guide taking us up rainier, could you imagine if we didn’t? if i can’t even get the pack right who knows what else could happen, we’d likely end up in the bottom of some crevasse never to be seen again – ok, ending the rabbit trail).

anyway, so i have a new pack! i’m psyched about this one. it truly feels like an extension of my body vs. an extra body hanging on me. funny thing, pia has the same one, same color… i wanted the berry color but they didn’t have it. needless to say, one of these days there will be a great pic of pia and i in our matching packs. at least you can’t miss us!