well, the day came where we were faced with a decision, brave the weather and hope the floodgates don’t open and completely soak us, or wait until the next day when it’s guaranteed to be sunny? you guessed it, we decided to wait and take a hike the next day. this then put us into sunday, which just isn’t a good idea… after church in the morning (an incredible service i might add) pia and i took our friend amanda out to lunch for her b-day. needless to say, by the time we were done eating there really wasn’t time to go anywhere for our hike.

hence the term, urbaneering. we walked for two hours with 30 lbs. of beans and/or bird seed (pia’s weight of choice) on the lake path in the lovely city we call home. i wish i had taken pictures of people’s faces when they saw us coming. it was pure comedy! one guy knew exactly what we were doing and in fact wished us luck. that was nice.

so, here’s a pic of pia in a bus stop vestibule tying here mountaineering boots. i really feel like this picture portrays the term urbaneering properly.