today was a wonderful day! the folks at REI suggested i use bags of beans to weigh down my pack vs. books or something less flexible. so the other night i bought 25 lbs. of beans for the hike i had to do today, totally forgetting to take into account the pack weighs a couple pounds. . . so needless to say, after loading it with all the beans and my water bottles, it was definitely more like 35 lbs. after removing some beans and making sure it was no more than 25 lbs. shelly and i hopped in my car and drove two hours west to starved rock state park. it was a beautiful day and the perfect time of year to head out there as the water falls were flowing through the canyons. here are some pics from the hike:

shelly in french canyon

that’s me with my pack! it was great to hike with it, but man, this thing is going to be at least 15 lbs heavier when it comes time to summit. . . i have A LOT of training to do to prepare for that!

God bless adventurous roommates!

after starved rock we hit VE and went climbing for a few hours before we headed back in the city. it was a tiring but really fun day!