the following prayer request was sent to me via email from my amazing roommate. please read and lift this family in prayer. God bless you!


Dear Family and Friends,

Hi everyone! I write because someone so near and dear to my heart is in need of a great miracle. My friend Katie, who many of you know and have met (she was up in Chicago for the marathon and at my graduation, etc), recently went for her 4 month ultra-sound to find out the sex of her baby. What started out as good news soon sent Katie and her husband Donnie on a six hour rampage to different doctors with the same report:

The baby’s diaphragm has a hole in it and because of that, the stomach went through the hole up into the chest cavity. Now the stomach is where the heart should be and the heart is pushed to the other side of the body, leaving no room for the lungs to form. She will carry this baby to term, but there’s a 25% chance the baby will live past a week because the lungs will be so small and not able to hold the air.

Despite the news, Donnie still said, “That’s still 1 in 4″…there’s yet hope.

“Elijah was a man just like us”…that’s what keeps running through my head. He prayed for no rain and it didn’t rain for 3.5 years. Then he asked God for rain and the rain came. “The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much”. We worship the God whose name is Awesome and Faithful–Ps. 111.

Would you please exercise great muscles of faith for Katie and Donnie and this precious little girl in her belly? With the widow’s child who was dead, Elijah stretched himself out in faith several times and the boy lived. As the Lord is fashioning and knitting her in Katie, He would move those body parts where they should be.

We also heard awesome reports of Ami, a 13 year-old son of missionaries in Israel, who opened a package that was a bomb. He was supposed to have amputated arms and his life should have ended–BUT we prayed and Ami’s report is awesome! Nothing was amputated, his skin is growing, he still can hear, and even though there are massive bolts lodged in his lungs, he is alive and very much coherent. The doctors keep using the word “miracle” to describe him living and his recovery…

Thank you for reading this and please feel free to pass this on. That the peace of God would envelop Katie and Donnie during this time as they wait and walk with God.

God bless you–In love and great faith in our Lord,