i stand in awe, yet again. i sent out my very first fundraising email and in less than 48 hours i’ve received $1,400 worth of donations. THANK YOU to those who have already donated. your generosity is very humbling! when i told a colleague the good news re: the donations, she said, “wow, God must really want you to do this!”

secondly, i continue to stand in awe of the Lord, YAHWEH Yirah (the Lord is my provider). i think i’ve always known the Lord is my provider, but He has shown me this in a whole new way this past week.

last thursday i discovered i had a huge leak in my basement and long story short, there wasn’t any standing water, but the second bedroom and hallway were soaked, through the padding and the carpet and slightly in some of the drywall. a plumber came that day and fixed the broken pump, but i still had to deal with figuring out what to do about the carpet. i’ll be the first to admit, i am very naive when it comes to this kind of stuff.

long story long, the Lord provided again in the form of the family of God. i went to church that thursday night, like i always do, and when service was over at 9pm, two friends told me they had a group of guys to come to my house and help me out. it was incredible! these five men spent the next hour and a half ripping up my carpet, removing the padding, checking the dampness of the walls, and propping up the carpets and setting up fans so it would all dry.

i was so humbled by their servant hearts and willingness to spend the late evening hours helping me out.

i praise God for these men, for the church He has provided and for showing me what it means to let the Lord truly provide for me.

i’m looking forward to seeing how the Lord reveals Himself in even mightier ways through this adventure of life!